DRUNKr is a personal project I conceptualized, researched, tested, and prototyped during one week. It is an alcohol delivery app targeted at legal Louisiana consumers.
Louisiana lacks an alcohol delivery app for statewide use, making alcohol acquisition unsafe and difficult. Furthermore, delivery apps that offer alcoholic options fail to check ID before the order is purchased and upon delivery to prevent underage drinking.
Given the time constraint, I interviewed 6 of my friends within their early to mid-20s to further identify my problem. Interviewees answered questions about their personal drinking and delivery app habits.
From these questions, I determined if my problem existed and was worth pursuing, which delivery apps were the most popular, and which features to prioritize within my app. I learned that most of my interviewees had either driven or allowed someone else to drive drunk to buy more alcohol, which makes sense given Louisiana state’s large number of drunk-driving incidents. Additional research allowed me to find a Louisiana-based ID database called LAWallet that could be used to verify users’ identification when using the app.
Sample questions included:
1.  How often do you use a food/beverage delivery app?
2.  What is your favorite / least favorite feature of a delivery app?
3.  What would make you use a delivery app more often?
4.  How often do you drink?
5.  How often do you stay home or visit another person’s home to drink?
6.  Tell me about an experience where you were at a social gathering and the drinks ran out. What happened then?
My goal was to make an alcohol delivery app that:
1. delivers to customers, so they do not have to leave their home or event
2. requires in-app ID verification, supplementing an ID check upon delivery
3. has intuitive and familiar features from existing delivery apps to make prototyping quick for testing, given the short time frame. (No need to reinvent the wheel here).
Sketches / Wireframes
During sketching, I saw how all of my ideas worked together and categorized the features to manage time and meet my deadline.
Prototyping was done in Adobe XD due to the time constraint as I was more familiar with Adobe products at the time. The prototype was sent to colleagues and aforementioned interviewees using the XD Prototyping and Share tools for testing.
I think I did well on this project with the time that I had. One of my biggest weaknesses is my perfectionism that causes me to spend a lot of time on minute details instead of completing the bigger picture; with DRUNKr, I was able to anticipate which areas would trigger my perfectionism and tried to minimize my time in those areas or intentionally left those features to be finished at a later time. For example, I was stubborn about creating my own UI for simple things like "search boxes," but I should have just downloaded an Apple UI kit from the beginning to save time. For improvements, I would have taken out the Facebook verification system, as it seems redundant if I'm using an official ID database like LAWallet. I would also used my time better to animate drop-down menus and make the high fidelity prototype have clearer animations to illustrate the intended use.
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