A passionate university senior case study that combined my loves of illustration, Korean culture, and food into an informational "cookbook." All of illustrations, photos, and foods were cooked with love. The title is taken from a famous expression in Louisiana - "Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)" - and the Korean verb "주세요" (pron. "joo-se-yo"), which means "to give."
About the Cookbook
Everyone can bond together over food, which is why I wanted this book to exist. I love food. You love food. If we want to learn more about each other, we may do it over food or drinks. The best way to peak interest in another culture is through food, in my opinion. I want to teach Korean people about the food available in Louisiana and vice versa. A lot of Korean people don't know about Louisiana or our origins of food, even though a few dishes I tried in Korea were labeled "Cajun (케이진)" and were not even worthy of the title. Surprisingly, I found that in all of the native cuisine cultures in America, Louisiana Creole/Cajun food culture is somewhat similar to Korea's. If Korean people were to visit a unique American culture, Louisiana would be the most comfortable, I think.
"Les Bons Temps 주세요" will, hopefully, be more than just a "cookbook." I hope it creates an informative dialogue between Louisiana and Korea, learning more about each other over the kitchen table.
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